St John's School Choir 2015

Apr 17


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Remember choir EVERY Monday Lunchtime from 12:30.

Make sure you go in for your lunch first if you are on dinners!

Comment if you have any song suggestions!

I look forward to seeing you 🙂

Miss Harrop

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  1. Hannah-Grace
    6:55 pm - 11-2-2015

    I think some of the song could be baby its cold outside,driving home for Christmas, rocking around the Christmas tree and last Christmas I gave you my heart that what I have got so far ….

  2. Lucyc
    5:29 pm - 11-3-2015

    I think we should sing merry Christmas every one

  3. Bonnie rose brown y6
    5:36 pm - 11-19-2015

    Can we sing sorry by Justin bieber please I know that me and maisy love this song also locked away by
    R.City please

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